The 10 Best Google Chrome Extensions for Online Marketers

google-chrome-extensions-for-online-marketersWith the speed and versatility of Google’s Chrome browser you can now have quite a few more extensions and still have your computer humming along at maximum efficiency.  The ChromeWebStore is full of great plug-ins to make your life as an Online Marketer easier.  Below are the top 10 that you shouldn’t live without.

Of course, I will say that each marketer specializes in a particular piece of the trade.  So all of these plug-ins might not fit the idea tool set for each person, but if you are a jack-of-all-trades kind of marketer like myself, you’ll see the value in each one.



A lot of marketers will argue against the value of relying on Google’s PageRank number to judge a site.  But if you are trying to comb through a ton of websites to find the ones worth spending your time on, there is no better initial indicator in my opinion.  And with thismandatoryplug-in you don’t even have to click anything to see where each site stands.


bitly | a simple URL shortener

Bitly has always been my preferred shortening service for their tracking features and easy to use service.  Their ChromeExtension gives you everything you have been enjoying from their website and Twitter and puts it at the top of your toolbar.


SEO for Chrome

SEO for Chrome is the grand-daddy of Internet Marketing extensions.  This SEOanalysisextension allows you to see a ton of metrics for each site you visit including various backlink providers, traffic numbers, pages indexed, and a bunch of other on-site SEO checks.  If you haven’t been using this Extension you have been living under a rock.


Awesome Screenshot

The year is 2011 and if you are still using Print Screen to take screenshots of websites you are way behind.  AwesomeScreenshot is a plug-in that not only gives you the most sought after ability to take a screenshot on an entire webpage, but it also gives you a simple editing screen with tools that cover most annotations you have been doing in Photoshop all these years.



If you do a lot of competitive analysis or outreach, you are probably holding the Command key down a lot as you click multiple links to open in new tabs.  Linkclump let’s you drag a square around the links you want to open and automatically opens them all in new tabs for you.



It isn’t always appropriate to share your marketing material using the same message across all of your social channels, but with Shareaholic, taking care of the sites you aren’t focused as attentively on is easy.


META SEO Inspector

This is another SEO plug-in that saves you time from viewing the source of each page to see what they have in their head tags.  METASEOInspector is really great for making sure your own sites META description is as you’d like it and that all your script calls are linking to external documents.


Speed Tracer

SpeedTracer takes a look at a websites code and gives a very complete on-site diagnostics.  This extension is great for making sure your own site is performing at its best to help Google crawl it faster (and Google made it themselves).


Domain Details

DomainDetails is a great extension for the really hands on marketer who is looking to make connections, buy out-of-date domains, or try to find website networks.  The extension gives you all the data you usually look to GoDaddy or dnsstuff to find.



I’m putting this one at the bottom of the list because I don’t actively use it, but I do know a lot of marketers that swear by it.  To me this SEOextension is overkill with how much data it is pulling and the taking-over of my Google pages is a bit overwhelming.  But if you really want to know everything about a website at a glance, this is the most complete plug-in out there.

Frank Anderson is a technology and marketing blogger.  He works with email exchange hosting and various other email technologies.

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  1. Thanks so much for your post Mark! I switched to chrome earlier this year from Firefox because of how few resources it used. Then I started to check out some of the apps. I had only bit.ly, SEOMoz and SEO Quake and thought that was good enough.

    Your post made me aware that those aren’t enough! Thanks so much for sharing.

  2. Alan Hands says:

    Thanks for that. I use firefox more often than Chrome, but I think I’ll add these extensions. Good suggestions!

  3. sami says:

    Thanks so much ;)

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