How To Add Facebook Events & Birthdays To Your Google Calendar

Whether it’s for business or pleasure having access to all your facebook events & birthday data on your google calendar is very convenient. Instead of having to search through Google & Facebook to get all the information its all in one place & easily accessible from Desktop, Tablet or Smart Phone.

So here’s how to do it:

Step 1.

Log into your facebook account & click events on the left hand side & click the little search box beside create event on the top left.

Step 2.

Click export events & copy the webcal link & paste it to notepad for the time being.


Step 3.

Go back to your events page & click birthdays & click the little search box beside create event.

Step 4

This time click export birthdays & once again copy the webcal link and save it to notepad


Step 5.

Log into your google calendar & click the little downward arrow to the right of other calendars on the lower left hand side.


Step 6.

Click add by URL & paste your birthdays webcal link & press add calendar & do the same for your events webcal link & hey presto your facebook birthdays & events data is now synced with Google Calendar.

So there you have how to add your facebook birthdays & facebook events to your Google calendar. It should only take a few minutes to do it & if you have any problems just leave a comment below.

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